Rachel Dean is an Insurance Professional originally from San Diego, California. She is the founder and owner of her own company, Horizia Enterprises (in full, Global Unity Management DBA Horizia Enterprises)

and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is happily married and has three children. Rachel always knew that she wanted to go into business for herself. Growing up, she watched her parents run their own successful company within the technology field. Rachel was drawn to the fact that this gave them both a sense of freedom (one they may not have found working for somebody else) as well as financial stability and security.

Having a healthy work/life balance is very important to Rachel and having her own business gives her the freedom to raise her children and achieve financial security. Because this balance is essential to Rachel, other aspects outside of work, such as food, fitness and meditation, play a huge role in her life. They give her a chance to recharge and operate a different part of her brain; she gets to be creative. She leads a very healthy lifestyle and cooks using “clean eating” recipes only. She stays clear of refined sugar and processed foods, using only whole foods. Additionally, she always cooks from scratch and loves creating her own recipes in the process.

“I love it. It is an art and lets me use my creative side.”

Rachel loves to get her children involved. She has them help her in the kitchen, which allows them to spend quality time together. Not only do they cook together but they also bake, especially during the holidays. In fact, it has become a tradition in their household to make her grandmother’s secret fudge recipe at Christmas time and gift it to neighbors and friends. Rachel also loves to host and invite fellow moms to cookie exchanges, wine parties and any other creative get togethers she can think of.

On top of Rachel’s love for food, she also tries to dedicate time for fitness and meditation. She incorporates ten minute workouts throughout her day, such as pilates or yoga sessions, to keep her body strong and balanced. Additionally, Rachel makes it a point to start her day off with meditation and an uplifting quote or story to put her mind in the right mindset.

To learn more about Rachel, please feel free to take a look at her other websites.