How Can Yoga Benefit Your Body

Yoga - Rachel DeanMany longtime yoga instructors and students (or “yogis”) believe that yoga can transform people who practice on a regular basis. Through posture enhancing poses yoga can increase performance in athletes and improve mental and physical relief of “yogis.” The fitness world is always evolving and turning to new fitness trends and practices, which can be overwhelming for people who do not have the physical or monetary resources to keep up. However, yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by all and it can be taken to different levels depending on how intensely the student is willing to participate and his or her willingness to learn.

One of the main teachings of the yoga practice is the encouragement of overall health and wellness of both the body and mind. Each pose aims to connect the consciousness with your physical abilities, as well as allow students to take a moment for themselves in a world that is otherwise constantly moving and full of chaos. Yoga helps to clear you mind of the daily duties and tasks we are all expected to fulfill, and it gives you a chance to escape, even if its just for a few hours a week.

One concrete benefit from practicing yoga is the ability to increase strength and flexibility. The basic posture poses focus on strengthening your core as well as increasing the body’s resistance. There are multiple levels of yoga such as Beginners classes, which focus on the introduction of the fundamental poses like downward dog and chair pose; Advanced yoga is more complex and it allows students to experiment with balancing poses, that are meant to engage your core muscles with your mental abilities. A third category of yoga is called Bikram, also referred to by many as “hot yoga.” During this practice the room temperature is increased to 100 Fahrenheit, which increases the production of sweat through advanced exercises, and in turn the withdrawal of toxins from the body. The diversity of poses and difficulty levels available in yoga can be beneficial to all students, despite their shape, health and strength.

Below is a full list of the benefits one can expect when practicing yoga on a regular basis:

  • It tones and increases muscle definition through core enhancing poses
  • It helps students maintain and regulate their metabolism
  • It improves athletic performance by increasing endurance levels
  • It helps athletes and runners prevent injuries, through constant flexing exercises
  • It provides a good amount of cardio and circulatory health benefits
  • It strengthens arms and shoulders by using ones own body weight for most of the poses